Jekyll & Hyde release!

The brandnew album „Jekyll & Hyde“ has been released!

The following lines are an extract from the liner notes of the album, written by Bernhard himself.

„This is my dark (or black) album. Definitely. As you like it. Or not. As I associate my music also with colours, I consider my first solo effort (“A New Dawing”) to be the orange one, my second (“Made In Paradise”) the blue one, and now “Jekyll & Hyde” finishes a kind of trilogy. But why black? Most songs on this album were written in a very difficult time of private loss, serious health issues, the death of beloved persons… and some other ugly things… Most of the lyrics follow these themes. But this album is also about introspection, the investigation of polarity in people’s minds. Black/White, Yin/Yang, Day/Night, Woman/Man… And of course, the famous story about Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde served as some inspiration for the project.
But why should I release such a negative album, which is obviously released in the wrong decade of music? Mmm… maybe some of you may still like bombastic arrangements and catchy melodies, fat choir voices or fragile piano
ballads… Maybe…
And there is always light at the end of the tunnel…“

You can order via Amazon  or Itunes.