Made in Paradise


  1. Made In Paradise (B. Zimmermann)
  2. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (B. Zimmermann)
  3. A Unicorn From Capricorn (B. Zimmermann)
  4. Suzanne (B. Zimmermann)
  5. Looking For A Free World (B. Zimmermann)
  6. Twisting The Night Away (B. Zimmermann, J. Meixner)
  7. The Night Has Eyes (B. Zimmermann, J. Meixner)
  8. A Birthday Picture Of A Fallen Angel (B. Zimmermann)
  9. Second Hand Woman (B. Zimmermann)
  10. A Question Of The Heart (B. Zimmermann)
  11. Torn Between Two Lovers (B. Zimmermann)
  12. Samarkand (B. Zimmermann)

Produced by Bernhard Zimmermann

Bernhard Zimmermann: lead & background vocals, keyboards, guitars,bass, orchestration, programming
Claudius Vlasak: drums, percussion, programming
Wolfgang Ableidinger: guitars
Sigi Schneider: guitars
Alexander Lausch: guitars, bass
Stefan Zimmermann: bass
Andrea Kerschner: lead & background vocals
Jana Meixner: background vocals
Martin Rabl: oboe
The Retro Kids: background vocals

(c) 2010 Wizardry Music